Sanyo S1 entry level phone launched by Sprint on Radio Shack shelves

The all new Sanyo S1 from the Sprint boys and girls, yes Sprint have just launched the Sanyo S1 which is an entry-level phone that is now on the Radio Shack shelves for around $220 retail and $95 on a one year, or free after a two year contract. Ok so this handset has no camera but you have to remember it is an entry level handset.

The Sanyo S1 cell phone does have equipped Bluetooth 2.0, dual-band CDMA radio and speaker phone, this is a pretty basic phone but then many users love the ordinary handset with no fuss.

Sanyo S1 pic 2

Sanyo S1 main specifications —
– CDMA Band 800/1900MHz
– Vibrating Alert
– Voice Control
– Internal Antenna
– Bluetooth Wireless Interface
– Games
– Ringtones
– Screensavers & applications
– English, Spanish Supported Languages
– Display Indicators Signal strength, call on hold, call in progress, Sprint Vision active/dormant/disabled, roaming, missed call, Bluetooth enabled, battery charge, volume level, vibrate mode, TTY mode, alarm clock on, car kit, headset, new voicemail, new message, urgent message, alert
– Phone Lock
– 5-way navigation key
– Conference Call Capability
– Caller ID
– Voice Mail
– Volume Control, Ringer Control & Speakerphone
– 200-entry phonebook
– Voice prompt
– Screen call
– Parental control, Web-based chatrooms, key press echo & wireless backup
– T9
– Instant and voice messaging plus chat
– Picture messages
– Email
– Internet Browser
– Alarm Clock, Calendar, Organizer & Reminder

More Photos of the Sanyo S1 mobile cell phone –

Sanyo S1 pic 1

Sanyo S1 pic 3

Sanyo S1 pic 4

Sanyo S1 pic 5

Source – Radio Shack


4 thoughts on “Sanyo S1 entry level phone launched by Sprint on Radio Shack shelves”

  1. Billy says:

    Great phone, one question though. I entered all of my contacts without area the area code. This was fine on all of my several previous phones, and when someone on my contact list would phone, it would display their name. Now, on this phone, if someone from my contact list phones it just displays area code and number. Is there any fix to this other than editing all of my contacts and adding the area code to it, that would be quite time consuming.

  2. jon says:

    i hate this phone i have had it for a year it is a piece of shit the screen broke i just hate it i mean it fits in your pocket nice but i hate it stupidest phone ever made

  3. Kristi says:

    Loved this phone! Had it for 2 years before I managed to drop it into a milk vat where it wasn't retrieved for a few weeks. I miss it greatly. It tended to call people in my pocket once in a while but that was more my fault. I couldn't be bothered with keyguard. I loved the set up.

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