Bell selling LG Shine flip phone to Canadians: Can you really call it that?

Bell are now introducing the LG Shine flip phone for the Canadian user, ok Bell have called this the LG Shine and yes it does have LG stamped on it, it looks nothing like the Shine we have here in the UK but we will give them the benefit of the doubt. Ok so what do they have to offer then?

The Bell version of the LG Shine comes with 1.9GHz & 800MHz, 2.0 megapixel camera and video camera, external memory card slot up to 4GB, Picture/video messaging capable, Bluetooth enabled (A2DP) plus —

Bell LG Shine phone

– HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
– OPP (Object Push Profile)
– FTP (File Transfer Profile)
– HSP (Headset-mono Profile)
– DUN (Dial-up Networking Profile)
– BPP (Basic Printing
– Mobile BrowserTM capable
– OBEX (Object Exchange)

Other specs on this LG phone include screensavers, downloadable ring tones, applications and games plus Dial up networking, USB tethered data, External 65K TFT colour display, Speech-activated commands, SMS/Text messaging capable, Internal antenna, English & French Languages, 2-way speakerphone and built in tools like calculator, voice records, date book, airplane mode & alarm clock

The Bell LG Shine will operate both the Bell core network and the Bell high speed mobile network. They are offering this phone with either a 3 year contract for $129.95, 2 year for $179.95, 1 year for $329.95, No contract for $379.95 and Prepaid for $379.95

Visit Site – Bell LG Shine

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