Ted Baker Button Samsung top fashion designer mobile phone coming soon

Have you heard of Ted Baker and all their brands, of course you have or have you? Ted Baker is a well known brand but I bet you did not know about a mobile phone with the brand name stamped on it. A few days ago we gave you the Ted Baker Needle mobile phone so we though it is only fair you get to see the other addition which is the Ted Baker Button mobile phone.

The Ted Baker Button handset is a sophisticated slider phone which has elegance about it (well to some anyway) and it carries features which include a very colourful casing plus MP3 player, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera and 3G technology, it also has 3G.

The Ted Baker Button top fashion designer mobile phone which is coming soon also has expandable memory and is available in Rouge, Reef Blue & Coffee colours. Look at the little touch of class they have added, look very close at the menu button, can you see it? It is in fact a button you know like a button you see on their clothing range.

Ted Baker Button

Ted Baker has teamed up with giants Samsung and between them has come up with the Ted Baker Button phone.

This mobile phone is not out yet but you can pre-register your interest by clicking the link below –


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16 thoughts on “Ted Baker Button Samsung top fashion designer mobile phone coming soon”

  1. HowNowMooCow :] says:

    Is This Phone Amazing Or Whatt??

    Tbh I Dont Kno..Mother Of Mine Is Keeping It From Me Till Xmas :[

    But Id Still Like To Kno What Its Like Please!! ;]

    I Need A Load Of Comments To Tell Me.. :]

    Thanks Much x x x

  2. lil me says:

    Hi ya ,
    Got this phone phone for my birthday,yeah it does have a camera on the front and a really good MP3 player.It is a bit hard to get used to but ilove are there any other questons?

  3. Amy says:

    I dont no whether to get this fone ?

    i like too listen to a lot of music does it have a good memory ?

    is it hard to use ?

    & has it got a good camera ? x

  4. amanda says:


    I have just got the ted baker the button phone but i cannot find how to turn off the sound when the buttons are pressed please can anyone help

    thank you

  5. Catherine says:

    i dont no if it is a good phone or not does this phone have a memory card in it or do ya have to buy one for it i really need to know?

  6. need help says:

    i just got this phone and i am trying to set the ringtone on it. i have put music from the computor on to my phone but when i go to set my ringtone it says i have no music! i have been trying and trying to get my music as my rongtone but i can’t do it!! can anyone tell me wot i should do?? thanks xx

  7. Jenn says:

    loadza ppl dunno how to get the mp3 ringtonez well…. ya hav to clik on the song then set as ringtone then go to ringtones and set it again lal,,, oh n ps…. dnt let ya mum put it in the washing machien!! 😛 :S

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