Opticom VT220 an all round value phone.

Here we have the VT220 by Opticom, a general purpose phone that is ideal for any small office or home. The VT220 comes in slate grey with a silver panel, is wall mountable and has black and white 3 line display.

The Opticom Vt220 can be purchased at Argos for and amazing value price of £12.99, and can be delivered in 2 working days subject to stock availability.

Opticom VT220

·         Handsfree speakerphone.

·         20 name and number memories.

·         Last number redial.

·         10 outgoing call log.

·         Secrecy button.

·         Wall mountable.

·         Large display.

·         3 ringtones.

·         Call timer.

·         Clock.

·         Redial.

·         Visual ringer.

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One thought on “Opticom VT220 an all round value phone.”

  1. Earlier this year I was on holiday in Estonia, one of the most digitally-savvy countries in the world. A lot of businesses I saw like restaurants and shops didn’t have landline numbers – just mobiles – they had never seen the need to ever install one as the mobile did all they needed and more. It was interesting to see what happens when you don’t have “legacy” and “lock-in” to old technologies like landlines

    As nice as that phone is, and at a great price too, I can’t help but feel the landline is going the way of the chequebook – increasingly becoming a minority preserve. The way mobile is going, in 10 years’ time I bet a majority of landline phones will only be there in case of emergency rather than as a regular household tool.

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