Visto Mobile solution: Get Corporate Email Free on Your iPhone without software install

Visto Mobile have come up with a solution that will get all you Apple iPhone users thinking, you can now get Corporate Email Free on Your iPhone without software install, they also Exchange, Lotus Notes for iPhone. Visto Mobile have just announced a superb solution of their own that will promise to secure access to Exchange and Domino servers without any software install on the iPhone, whether this is a good thing or not is up too you but we say it is considering that there are many IT departments having to hack their fleet of mobile devices to set them up.

Obviously Visto Mobile want you too have the best and this new solution actually requires that admin’s open up a secure IMAP port and publishes the corporate directory to a Safari-friendly web page, for more information please visit the link provided below.

Each user can get in on this amazing action for a one time fee (yes one time fee) of $39 plus $10 per month, many other companies are looking at around $799 plus $199 per year plus $10 per month per user.
Just a quick update my friends — Apparently Visto uses port 443 and typically used for secure HTTP to do the IMAP jobby. Wahey to all the IT departments now you can all calm down a little, because when you find out that they do not need to open some special holes in the firewall just for your iPhone toting behind.

Source — Visto Mobile

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