Apple iPhone on sale at Carphone Warehouse from 6pm Friday 9th November

Stand up and get ready for the rush tomorrow because not only are all the O2 stores going to be mobbed but Carphone Warehouse will also be jam packed with iPhone lovers and trust me when I say jam packed, you know like sardines in a tin.

The Carphone Warehouse the mobile phone store have announced that they will be selling the Apple iPhone at 6:00pm all over the UK , all O2 stores will be selling at 6:02pm.

All Carphone Warehouse stores will in fact be closing early on the 9th November but do not panic because they will re-open the doors at 6pm where Charles Dunstone the CEO will sell the UK’s first Apple iPhone device at the Oxford Street store in London.

Carphone Warehouse has hired extra staff to manage the rush plus there will be and we say apparently that there will be others volunteering in order to help out. There will be security to help cope with the demand and there will also be trained staff who are iPhone experts in each store to advise users on how to get the most from there new mobile phone.

Visit Carphone Warehouse now for more information — VISIT HERE

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