Apple iPhone update version 1.1.2 confirmed according to Apple press team

We went over to Pocket-lint and they have said and confirmed in a meeting with the Apple press team that the version 1.1.2 will indeed be an international update on Friday 9th November for all Apple iPhone owners.

This was confirmed to Pocket-lint, they go on to say that that although the time could not be confirmed all iPhone owners ho want to sync their iPhone device with iTunes tomorrow in the States will in fact be presented with the option to upgrade to the new firmware which is great news.

Other things were talked about like the update will bring a wider language support with international keyboards and special character keys and that access to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots for UK users will be available.

Apple did not though comment but it is widely known or should we say believed that this new update will re-lock any unlocked Apple iPhone, this means that all you iPhone users are advised caution.

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