AMEX Digital G-Plus GPS mobile phone with first ad Research 3D display

AMEX Digital have just introduced their brand new GPS mobile phone with first ad Research 3D display, ok when it comes to the insides and specs we just know our basic stuff so my question has to be “What is all this 3D display mean anyway?

Ok so these new phones have a great exterior and vibrant colours and an integrated GPS chip plus a very cool 2.4 inch display thrown in oh yeah it is a 2.4 inch 3D display but does this mean that these phones are the be all and end all in the mobile industry.

AMEX Digital G-Plus GPS mobile phone

Could the 3D display be something to do with 3D maps for example (Mmmm), anyway shall we talk about the specs on these cool looking devices, these candy bar style phones will boast tri-band GSM connectivity, QVGA panel, embedded GPS antenna, up to 2.5-hours of talk time plus 200-hours in standby mode and will also feature USB connectivity, 1.3-megapixel camera, built-in games, miniSD expansion slot and integrated media player.

AMEX Digital obviously declined in revealing the price and availability but we keep our fingers crossed that we hear about this pretty soon because we here at Phones Review MUST say that these mobile phones are a MUST-HAVE if the price is right of course.

AMEX Digital — Please do send us one of these phones and we will give it our complete attention and will review it for you (great advertising for you my friends).

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