Apple iPhone Owners mugger warning for tomorrow: UK Police warn you are vulnerable for attack

We have to WARN you — Tomorrow is the launch of the new Apple iPhone in the UK and already people are queuing up for this amazing device, ok you are happy but somewhere lurking is a mugger wanting that iPhone which they may not be able to afford so what better way for them to get it than having your one FREE of charge.

We all know when you get a new gadget you cannot wait to get home you want too start playing around with it there and then, well STOP and THINK.

Scotland Yard has given out a warning and has warned new iPhone users that they could be vulnerable and targets of muggers, police have issued the Apple iPhone mugger warning in the UK, you MUST hide your handsets in public.

These Apple iPhones are of a high value and this is why they are a driving force behind street robberies so please do be vigilant too what is going on around you.

The statement said – “We are aware of the launch tomorrow of Apple’s iPhone and we would encourage people not to attract attention to themselves when using a mobile phone in public”.

Phones Review Say — PLEASE do be careful tomorrow where ever you are in the UK when buying the Apple iPhone, of course go and buy your device but and a big BUT wait till you get home before pulling it out of the bag to play with it, be patient and get home is the best thing.

Source — The Telegraph

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