LG Touch mobile phone is an all in one wonder machine: iPhone or G phone mimic?

Oh boy this mobile phone will rock your boat and if it doesn’t then you’re on planet cuckoo land. G Touch now introduce too you the all new revolutionary mobile phone which has a new user interface based which incorporates a revolutionary multi-touch display and software that will allow you the user to control the LG Touch with just a flick, tap or even pinch of your fingers.

Damn I am in love and must say this has surly got to be better than the new G Phone coming out or is this the new Apple iPhone, what ever you think it just seems pretty similar too me but we do love the word mimic here.

The LG Touch consists of a few things really and one is that this mobile phone is small and lightweight handheld device and is indeed a revolution in the mobile phone world, it features dual LCD for quick view, web browsing, internet applications on a mobile phone for email and charging cradle with QWERTY keypad for easy shopping and e-mailing.

Do we know the specs? Hell no of course we do not the designer has kept the lid on this one (Sorry). Check out the pictures below –

The question has to be — “Would you prefer the LG Touch or the iPhone or the G Phone?

LG Touch mobile phone pic 1

LG Touch mobile phone pic 2

LG Touch mobile phone pic 3

LG Touch mobile phone pic 4

LG Touch mobile phone pic 5

Designer: Yeop Kim

Source — Yanko Design

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8 thoughts on “LG Touch mobile phone is an all in one wonder machine: iPhone or G phone mimic?”

  1. steve campbel says:

    Touch-Commander.com, provides sliding “one touch” access to phone calls, emails, SMS messages, calendar functions, pictures, music, videos and other applications and commonly used content.

    Touch Commander is much the same as the finger touch scrolling, browsing, and spinning of a three dimensional interface by the finger, that is found on the Apple iPhone and the TouchPhone by HTC.

  2. Flick says:

    I’d say this was DEFINITELY better than the iPhone (shiny eyes)! I really wish LG would improve their battery life (to be as good as SE?) They’ve really become very good with the last few releases.

  3. battlephreaque says:

    hello everybody my name is colt and i have a opinion on this phone. i really think they could of made a better phone but it still has some good things on it it has a remote controler and a headsetit also has a dual LCD for quick review so i think they could of made it a little bit better but its still REALLY good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i think LG MOBLIE PHONES made yet a nother success so i give it a THUMPS UP:):):):):)

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