Sprint may launch pink Palm Centro phones for Valentines Day: Stuff the flowers

Think of these words; Sprint, Palm Centro, Valentines Day and Flowers, do you see which one is the odd on out? Yes Flowers. Who needs flowers when you can have a pretty cool sexy pink Palm Centro.

Sprint are apparently launching pink Palm Centro phones for Valentines Day and if this happens people will say stuff the flowers I want a pink Palm Centro. Sprint will be launching a pink Centro smartphone on February 8th which is a great idea to increase the sales during the Valentine’s Day’s shopping season and of course this day is for women and women love the colour pink, all quite fitting really isn’t it.

pink Palm Centro phones

We have seen black and red versions of the Palm Centro and now with launching the pink version could be beneficial to you lovers.

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Source — gadgetsonthego.net


7 thoughts on “Sprint may launch pink Palm Centro phones for Valentines Day: Stuff the flowers”

  1. i think this phone was okai… but i broke when i dropped it down tha toilet.. i have had many of these phones and they are bomb proof!! i dnt think this phones is suitable for anyone… and its realy odd to hold n i dnt like the shape!

  2. Elise says:

    i really want this phone in pink even though i only first saw it like 3 hours ago. is it a good phone it’s totally CUTE but does it do alot. i hope it comes out near valentines day so i can get it for my b’day the colour is absoluteley perfect (the pink is anyway) is the phone easy to work and does it break easily (i’m really clumsy). get the black one the white isn’t as cute as the black plus the white would get ruined soo easily trust me

  3. i have the electric blue palm centro and i LOVE it. its such an amazing little phone. the calculator can work with positive[+] and negative[-] numbers lol and that comes in handy for my schoolwork. it also supports pTunes. [pocket-tunes.com] and just so much more i cant type it all. i highly recommend this phone. to alica, it is in no way awkward to hold. it fits perfectly in my palm. its a great phone, i love the touchscreen and it can be cleaned easily. it is also bombproof. i have dropped it far too many times to keep count and it only has one SMALL barely noticeable scratch. 😀

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