Apple iPhone accessory: Aluminium-lined leather sheepskin case

When you get your new iPhone the last thing you want is to scratch its surface, so what would be the best way to keep it from harm? Enter a great protective device from Proporta, beautiful Aluminium lined, Leather Sheepskin, and Aluminium lined Leather cases, and come in black and pink.

These executive style cases allow you to slip your iPhone in and out easily, while it locks into place via three clips which allows you complete access to all your iPhone’s buttons and sockets without having to struggle with fiddly catches and the like.

However one drawback is that you still can’t keep the iPhone in the case while docked, but then it is extremely easy to remove from the protective casing. These cases offer full round protection, while still allowing use of the camera via a hole in the back and it doesn’t impede the use of the headphone jack.

Soft looking yet strong and durable, in two colours will hopefully protect your iPhone for a long time.

Apple iPhone

Source — Pocket-lint

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