Creators of Doom & Quake id Software officially taking games to mobile phones

For those you love playing games on their mobile phones will totally dig this news because the creators of Doom and Quake id Software are officially taking games to mobile phones. Id Software have or will be announcing its new division, id Mobile, and are planning to develop mobile versions of classic games like Wolfenstein and Quake plus the sequel to the mobile phone game hit Doom RPG.

John Carmack id’s co-founder says “”We are operating on the assumption that mobile gaming has a potential for huge growth,” “It’s at a tipping point. Everybody has a phone, and almost every phone is powerful enough to do good games on it.”

This is all good news to mobile gamers, ok so game maker is no mobile game newcomer but released two years ago Doom RPG for mobile phones sold more than 1 million copies but it does not stop there because Orcs & Elves sales last year hit a high of 400,000. So it looks like we can enjoy more and possibly better in the world of mobile phone gaming.

Sources — mocoNews

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