Do you prefer talking to a watch or a mobile phone?

It seems the world is going the same way as Michael Knight the man who talks to his car via his wrist watch, yes this is all reality talking to your wrist is pretty damn scary when you think about it. Imagine walking down the street and you pass someone talking to their wrist, now come on that looks pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

mobile phone watches

But this could all change when you think about it, if everyone uses the same method of talking to a mobile phone watch then you would not be out of place at all now would you. Looking at the picture above shows the sexy M800 which does look pretty stylish and is the latest generation in the watch phone fashion industry, nice slim body with a 1.3 inch touchscreen and a cool stylus built into the wristband and even an integrated speakerphone seems to be pushing all the right buttons makes this a firm favourite for me personally over a phone.

Please do answer this question — “Do you prefer talking to a watch or a mobile phone?


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