Option iCON 225 USB modem for HSDPA network: Supports fast speeds

Option have just introduced a new USB modem for HSDPA network which supports fast speeds and we mean fast, welcome to the Option iCON 225 USB modem which looks so much better than the ugly bricks that are available now.

We all know that the first gen 3G USB modems were pretty damn big and now with companies such as Option going into the world of miniaturization we seem to be getting exactly what we want and that is everything small

Joining the new world is the iCON 225 which is a 63 x 26 x 13mm USB stick which is very small and yet still has very high performance “wireless”, ok so HSUPA is not here but the iCON 225 USB modem does have support for 7.2Mbps of downstream data when linked up to an HSDPA network that will support very fast speeds.

This new Option iCON 225 USB modem is already shipping to carriers so keep your eyes open people.

Option iCON 225 USB modem

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6 thoughts on “Option iCON 225 USB modem for HSDPA network: Supports fast speeds”

  1. Alexandru says:

    Are you are of any issues with this Icon 225? I would like to buy one to for internet connection. but I’m looking for some opinions about it.

  2. Cleopatra says:

    An excellent but of kit. I live too far from the telephone exchange and could not get broadband. This is soooo much simpler and cheaper. I’m on Orange and if i have a strong mobile signal this little gadget gives me 7.2meg, not much slower than broadband!!

  3. Saib says:

    I’ve bought this modem. I’m using it on a daily passes. It is realy good for the size and speed. And it’s very easy to use, but I believe advance users may not like the truth that you don’t have options to play with.
    1. Very easy instalation and even easier usage.
    2. Small in size that you can carry it in your pocket without feeling it.
    3. It will work with it’s hight speed connection even if the signal is low or even very low.

    1. It gets very hot under havy duty, and sometimes it did disconnect without any notice when it reaches high temperature.
    2. When the signal is low or very low, it get hot faster than when the signal is good.
    3. It takes a lot of time when changing from UMTS to GPRS and vice versa. Some times I had to disconnect it and reconnect it to the USB to switch between UMTS and GPRS.
    4. There is no options to control the SIM, no even an option to change the PIN code, you can just enable or disable the PIN request.

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