Apple iPhone may run Java apps and mobile games in 2008: Is this a good thing?

Apple iPhone that may have Java apps and mobile games is this a good thing? Before we let you know about this latest news it seems to bother me somewhat that the Apple iPhone was intended to be a business phone so why on earth would you want games on it unless you’re a gaming company.

Anyway this is how it is, apparently according to technical evangelist for the Java mobile and embedded community at Sun, Terrence Barr with the much talked about (Not here though) the release of the apparently much needed SDK in February 2008.

All users of the Apple iPhone may in fact be able to play and use Java apps and games, the open-source phoneME platform could be converted to run on the iPhone according to Barr and that opening the Java world to the iPhone community.

People may say this makes sense but we beg to dither “What do you think, do we need games and Java apps on the iPhone?

Source — Pocket Gamer


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone may run Java apps and mobile games in 2008: Is this a good thing?”

  1. George says:

    I for one would love to see Java on the iPhone. I’m surprised to find that it isn’t there already. Java is a very robust platform that brings many capabilities to applications that are written in Java. Personally I question why anyone would want to write an application in anything but Java for a device like this.

  2. Kevin says:

    Not all JAVA apps are for fun alone. Our building automation systems use java as part of their HMI. Having this option on the iphone may enable us to view real time data with the cumbersome use of a laptop or the extra expense of an UMPC.

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