MasterGear ported MG-Symbian to UIQ3 smartphones from Sony Ericsson and Motorola

Following on from our latest news of the iNES (LINK) the all new latest is that MasterGear is ported to work on Symbian UIQ3 smartphones such as Sony Ericsson and Motorola. This is fantastic news if you ask me.

Author Marat Fayzullin of the most popular gaming system emulator apps have now ported MasterGear to Symbian UIQ3 platform which means you can really revive the good old days while on the go.

MasterGear for UIQ and of course the S60 will run SEGA Master System, GameGear and those SG1000 cartridge files such as sms, .sms.gz, .gg, .gg.gz, .sg, and .sg.gz extensions placed in the “E:\Others\MG” folder.

So it seems just like the iNES, at the moment Marat Fayzullin has only tested MasterGear on the Motorola Z8 and apparently according to him it should work fine with Sony Ericsson smartphones as well, why not see if you like it and give it a trial for free or you can buy the full version for only $14.99.


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