iNES emulator on Symbian UIQ 3 Phones: Enjoys NES games on your mobile

Do you love playing NEW games? If you do then the latest news will have you in a dizzy spin. It seems now that all Symbian UIQ3 based smartphone owners will be able to enjoy playing the awesome NES games back from the good old days where your childhood will make it all come back to you.

We all know that other platforms such as the iPhone and S60 and so forth are getting a good share of the NES action but many were missing out, but now the wait is finally over. iNES was indeed only tested on the Motorola Z8 and of course not so sure if it would work on Sony Ericsson smartphones but then again if it does not work it is safe to say we will all see the new version supporting UIQ’s touchscreen-based user interface in the near future.

So the iNES NES/Famicom emulator ported to UIQ 3 Phones seems something to talk about really, carrying on iNES emulates NES, Famicom DiskSystem, Famicom, Dandy and many other Nintendo and third party add-ons for iNES and various where you can choose to trial for free or even get the full version for only $14.99.



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