The Simpsons Minutes to Meltdown mobile game: Go on play as Homer

Homer will be busted your brain on your mobile phone, we guess you all love The Simpsons and if you do not then you really do need to go to rehab. Now for those who either love or hate the Simpsons but love mobile gaming then you will definitely love what EA Mobile have got for you.

EA Mobile are giving you the chance to play as Homer from The Simpson and save the day, the game for your mobile phone is called The Simpsons Minutes to Meltdown and the whole idea playing the game is to prevent a meltdown at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

You must also interacting with Mr. Burns, Apu, Bart and some of the other characters, but remember avoid Krusty the Clown and Officer Lou.

The new game features dynamic animations, vibrant graphics and amusing sound effects, near enough all major carriers in the U.S are offering this amazing game on their portals which means oh yeah lets have it and start playing.

Source — EA Mobile (more info)

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