26,500 Apple iPhones activated by O2: The Christmas Bonanza

It has been reported over at The Register that 26,500 Apple iPhones have just been activated by O2 since the UK launch 2 weeks ago which is well below the company’s figure expectations.

We are not sure of the exact figures but we know for a fact that 26,500 is a lot lower than the weekend sales of 100,000. Apparently Carphone Warehouse who are the retail partner for the Apple iPhone in the UK have had 50,000 iPhones ready to go on launch weekend and only sold a mere 11,000 (oops).

The Apple iPhone may have been bought as a Christmas present and we know as you probably do the iPhone was purchased to unlock instead of staying on an O2 network, things may have been a lot different if the Apple iPhone was on many networks instead of one.

What are your views on this matter?

Source — The Register

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