Nokia & O2 launching new London Underground phone with built in Oyster card

Do you want a simple life when using the London Underground? Using the Oyster card is ok but you want something better? Well sit back and read this and see if this is for you. Over at The Guardian they have reported that the London Underground is moving forward in helping all you tube travelers.

The new system will pay for journeys using your mobile phone, the new Transport for London scheme which in talks right now and Nokia and O2 are said to be in the final stages for the new mobile phone handset with a built in Oyster card.

The whole set up will work similar to that of the current Oyster system which means tube passengers can pay for their journey by swiping the compatible phone across the ticket-reading machine. The new mobile phone is said to have a RFID microchip and the fare may either be deduced from a pre-set-up amount or added to a phone bill.

Phones Review Personal View — We all know that the theft of mobile phones in London is staggering and we have all been told only use your mobile phone when you have to which will prevent muggers stealing your phone, but come on pulling out your mobile phone in public is asking for trouble. I would personally like to use the card instead of an expensive phone.

Please let us know what you think?

Source — The Guardian

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