Samsung BlackJack II i607 gets unboxed video: watch it now

You can now see a little more in this video, the Samsung BlackJack II or i607 (SGH-i607 BlackJack II) intrigues everyone and that is why when we came across this unboxing video we thought of you.

Not much to write here other than showing you the video but we can let you know the Samsung BlackJack II i607 is now available at your nearest AT&T store where you can pick yours up for around $150, oh that price is after contract remember.

Now please watch the video below and enjoy.



One thought on “Samsung BlackJack II i607 gets unboxed video: watch it now”

  1. Jesse says:

    Best review i have ever seen yet for the phone. You were straight forward and very informative in a short video that finalized my choice for my next phone purchase coming up shortly. Thanks a lot!!!

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