iLevel Application For The iPhone Is Most Useful

Now, don’t get me wrong, the applications for the iPhone are great, but they’re not really ones you can use everyday. However, the new iLevel application is something completely different.

iLevel uses the iPhone’s integrated accelerometers and then functions as a digital level for picture-aligning, table-building, driveway-levelling needs. I know, it seems a little daft to use your iPhone when you’re laying your driveway but the very fact that you could if you wanted to is comforting!

You can find the iLevel application from the iApp-a-day source in your Installer.app.



One thought on “iLevel Application For The iPhone Is Most Useful”

  1. raj says:

    … and it could be so much more. If it were a bubble level, then you could level in two directions at once. Sigh. Oh well. It’s better than no level at all.

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