Apple iPhone Vs Nokia S60

You have all heard about the super technology in the phones nowadays, but should phone companies fight between one another just because of a similar device? Hell yeah.

As we all know the Apple iPhone is the Playstation generation mobile phone but is it right for Nokia to basically copy the phone? In my opinion it has to be a no, of course all mobiles are going to become like the iPhone, but I have noticed there is a few replicas of the phone, I mean that look the same and have very, very similar features.

Well here is the question: should Nokia be allowed to do this?



One thought on “Apple iPhone Vs Nokia S60”

  1. trigger says:

    Nokia doesn’t have to be ‘allowed’ – they have every right to make a touch screen phone. It’s not like Apple invented it. Their design was different enough from the Prada that they were ‘allowed’ to come out with the iPhone. Just because they were first to market with the large touch screen device, that doesn’t mean they invented it. I won’t knock Apple for their innovations – they have a few under their belt. They also have some really great designs. Nokia needs to have a touch screen phone and building one around a big touch screen – that’s the most logical design… keep it as small as possible, while keeping the screen large. It practically designs itself. It’s like saying Carlos Mencia creates innovative jokes.

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