Parrot PARTY Bluetooth speakers: Hands on review of the mobile phone companion

First of all the Parrot PARTY is the best mobile phone companion and we have no complaints whatsoever, if you do not believe us then please read on to see why we have chosen this product and given it a perfect 10 out of 10. We have been sent the Parrot PARTY Bluetooth speakers and before we go into great detail we all know that Parrot is a leading brand name is wireless peripherals.

Not only can you see this Parrot PARTY over on the official website http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/parrotparty but you can now buy from Carphone Warehouse for a very cool price tag that will suit everyone (the price is at the bottom of this hands on review). The Parrot PARTY portable wireless Bluetooth speakers are on sale now and we do really recommend them and we are not just saying that, we speak the truth and if we had to put this device down trust us we would.

Basically the Parrot PARTY what the hell is a Parrot PARTY because we had no idea until we got one sent to us and to tell you the truth we was intrigued, we have been testing this Bluetooth device out for a few days now and we have tried it with mobile phones, laptops and computers but it is the mobile phone side of things that really is interesting.

We will tell you more about the device in detail with specs and all below, but please let’s get to the bit where we tested it. We tested the Parrot PARTY using the LG Viewty KU990 mobile phone, we turned on the Bluetooth on the phone and then pressed the button on top of the Parrot PARTY (Button on top clearly shows the Bluetooth symbol), when you press the Bluetooth button on the PARTY it will start flashing, when it is flashing press on your phone “Pair new devices” once the phone has found the Parrot PARTY we just pressed “Connect” it will then prompt for the pass code (PIN) which is “0000” after this we was connected. (All the simple steps are in the manual).

Ok so now we are connected, we went into the music section on the phone and literally chose a song and pressed “Play” and oh yes the Parrot PARTY starting playing the music which bloody sounds good considering the PARTY is pretty small really. Whilst this review is being written the device is playing right now, so if the spelling goes funny do not blame me blame the music.

We really love this device and can see it being very popular for garden parties or even take it to the beach seems another popular choice, there is no worries about getting sand or dirt on the Parrot PARTY because it comes with a bag that you can conceal.

Right a little about the Parrot PARTY Bluetooth speakers – Bluetooth wireless stereo 2.0 portable soundbox. Light and compact- only 620g- the Parrot PARTY is the mobile soundbox that follows you everywhere you go. Equipped with a rechargeable built-in battery, it provides you with more than 4 hours of uninterrupted music, listening alone or with some friends, in your house or out on the move. Your preferred music won’t have any limits.

The device is stunning where you can just send and listen to all your music from your mobile phone or just about from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source: Bluetooth A2DP mobile phone, Bluetooth enabled PC computers, Bluetooth MP3 players. The Parrot PARTY also has the ability to work with analogue music devices because it comes with a Line-In input which means CD players, standard MP3 players and MD recorders will also work well.

The sound is amazing and pretty loud, and the quality and richness of the sound really will impress and that is thanks to the Class-D amplifier and two wide-band speakers whose response curve was recalculated, the sound offers dynamic, clear and detailed listening. Parrot have created two astonishing audio effects as well which are the Stereo Widening feature where once the button is pressed will widen stereophony with the manner of an auditorium, the other effect is the Virtual SuperBass which once pressed will give you better bass frequencies for that extra edge. Please do check out our pictures below we took of the Parrot PARTY.

Ok so now for you technical geeks here are the specs —
– Two wide-bands speakers
– Class-D amplifier
– User interface: 5 buttons + On/Off button
– 3 LEDs: Bluetooth status and audio effects
– Settings: volume, mute, reset
– Mode: Normal, Pairing, Low Power, Low Battery
– Compatible audio sources*:
– Bluetooth range: 33 feet (10 meters)
– Pairing: PIN code
– Upgrade via Bluetooth
– Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
– Profiles :
o A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
o AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)
– Audio effects:
o Stereo Widening (enlarged stereo)
o Virtual Super Bass (reinforced bass freq.)
– Power audio output: 6W maximum
– Play time: 4h
– Range of frequencies: 120 Hz — 18 KHz
– Line-In: Jack 3.5 mm
– Power: Rechargeable 2100 mAh Ni-MH
– Stereo 2.0 audio system
o Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) devices
o Analogue audio devices
o Built-in SBC decoder
– batteries + battery, charger (100 to 240 V)
– PC software: Parrot Audio Suite
– Volume control, 7 bands equalizer

* Compatible with Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) mobile phone, Bluetooth enabled PC computers, PC computers equipped with a Parrot Bluetooth USB dongle, Bluetooth MP3 players, portable music players equipped with a Bluetooth audio dongle and any type of analogue music devices.

Phones Review Say — The Parrot PARTY is an amazing Bluetooth device which every mobile phone should have, the sound is amazing and pretty loud and will be superb for usage in the home, garden, beach and many other places you wish to listen to music without using boring old headphones. Would we buy them? The answer to this is a big fat juicy yes because we love this speaker setup very much. This will make the perfect Christmas present for anyone who loves music.

The price for the Parrot PARTY is only £79.99 which is very cheap indeed for the quality you get. If you wish to buy yours now then please do CLICK HERE.

We do recommend you read more about the Parrot PARTY which gives you even more info following this link – http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/parrotparty and please do visit the official Parrot websites homepage for more Parrot products following this link – www.parrot.com/uk


Parrot PARTY box package

Parrot PARTY in the box

Parrot PARTY in the box 2

Parrot PARTY in the box back view

Parrot PARTY pic 1

Parrot PARTY pic 2

Parrot PARTY pic 3

Parrot PARTY pic 4

Parrot PARTY pic 5

Parrot PARTY side view

Parrot PARTY back view

Parrot PARTY on-off and charger port

Parrot PARTY line in port

Parrot PARTY function buttons

Parrot PARTY manual

Parrot PARTY charger

Parrot PARTY bag

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