Nokia new service comes with free music: Does this mean massive pressure for Apple iTunes?

Nokia have another cool service called “Comes with music” which means you can get free music, but what is the catch? This all new service allows all Nokia users a 1 year free subscription to the service which gets you unlimited music downloads to your mobile phone and PC and when the year’s subscription comes to an end you get to keep all the music.

The reason this is so good is because there is no service of this sort and has no competition at all (Lovely), the question has to be and remember the good old words my parents used to say to me “Nothing is for free” so what is the catch?

This all sounds too nice and easy to us but hey apparently you do get the music for free, we are not sure what Nokia handsets will receive the service for free as of yet.

Update: It is indeed free for one year and all the Universal Music tracks you can download for 12 months are yours, the offer though does not start until mid 2008.

What is a big blow is that this all new free access to music will surely be a massive blow and of course put pressure on Apple’s iTunes Music Store and with Universal Music who just pulled out of iTunes earlier this year will surely have a mass effect.

Source — Engadget Mobile

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