Nokia release new Internet Radio beta: Is this a good or bad thing?

We all know that there is a well supported open smart phone platform and that there are many of the 3G devices that are running as we speak, there are many as we know a community of developers that give you options for streaming radio on say the S60 based Nokia smartphones, but we know this is neither here or there at the moment.

We are not trying to be funny or anything because we have tested a few and we say that HSDPA’s bandwidth that seems pretty large and funny enough under serviced. Well now it seems we can sit back and relax and breathe a sigh of relief because Nokia have taken this and placed it in their hands to give us what we all want.

Nokia have released their featured library of streaming stations from across the world which will automatically adjust bit-rate based on your connection, you can now get the beta version now for your Nokia N82, N91, N95, or N95 8GB.

Let us know if you have tried it out?

Source — Nokia

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