Dell getting in on the smartphone act in 2008: Will Dell become the best?

So it seems that Dell are getting in on the smartphone act in 2008, at the moment Dell are better known for their hands in laptops and desktop computers and bloody good at that so they say to themselves “How can we here at Dell be bigger in the market, what will be the best product to get our hands into?

So you see where this is going, we all know that the world of mobile smartphones are one of the biggest markets known to man and that is why Dell are coming.

So Dell you want to expand your business which we say fair play to you, but what will the new “Dell smartphone” be called, what will it have, and when exactly will we see it in 2008?

All we know is they MUST use all the glory of the 3GSM, it must have MP3 player and a video player, it must have the best internet access, oh and put Wi-Fi on it as well please.

Will Dell use Microsoft’s Windows Mobile?

Source – Gizmodo

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