3 announce Non Stop Music: new launch means 49 pence for 24 hours

Oh yes all you 3 (Three) customers will love this one because the network company have just announced their brand new “Non Stop Music” launch which means only one thing “Cheap music downloads”.

This brand new service will give customers unlimited access to eight genre-based music streams which range from classic to dance for only a mere 49 pence for 24 hours, come one people 49 pence for 24 hours that’s amazing (iTunes here 3 come).

3 (Three) have said that the Non Stop Music service will offer customers the best possible streaming mobile music experience and that this service is described as like having your very own radio station, because you can choose which type of music you want to listen to, and when you want to listen to the desired music all you need to do is click the icon of the station you want.

All subscribers will have the ability to change/switch between stations as many times as you like as included in the 49p for 24 hours fee, each of the stations is on a 4 hour loop and there will be new music updated every week.

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