Samsung Ace SPH-1325 mobile phone revealed by Sprint surprises all

Yep, strange as it may seem Sprint has surprised most of us by revealing the Samsung Ace SPH-1325 mobile phone; a worthy addition to the carriers stable of models. The Samsung Ace SPH-1325 is a stylish black mobile with a 1.3 megapixel camera, QVGA screen, full QWERTY keyboard and possibly a microSD expansion slot.

The Samsung Ace SPH-1325 has a standard edition of Windows Mobile 6, along with GM and CDMA radios built in, making the Samsung Ace SPH-1325 possibly a Blackjack world edition.

Samsung Ace SPH-1325

Source — Boy Genius Report

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  1. adeyemo yinka says:

    i will hold on for the confirmation from the site and if the problem persist i will get back to you , But i like the product samsung.

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