Uniross Rechargeable Cordless Phone Battery Pack

Every phone requires new batteries from time to time, but what batteries are best to choose, do you even know what type batteries your phone takes, or where to get them? Why by batteries that you simple throw ways after use anyway, why not simple purchase rechargeable batteries!

Uniross make a rechargeable cordless phone battery pack which are newer higher capacity so your phone stays charged for much longer, and fits virtually hundreds of phones including most BT Freestyle models. You will receive a universal type connector and three x 12AA batteries — 42x28x14mm.

Argos are currently selling the Uniross rechargeable cordless phone battery pack for only £9.99, and this pack can usually deliver to your home in two working days, or if you prefer it can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock status.

Uniross Rechargeable

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