Nextlink launches INVISIO G5 and B3 Bluetooth headsets

The launch of INVISIO Bluetooth headsets INVISIO G5 and INVISO B3 has been announced by Nextlink for the consumer market. There is some excitement at these coming to the United Kingdom as these headsets are used by SWAT teams and Special Forces alike and meet extreme conditions.

Nextlink’s INVISO G5 is a small and discreet wireless headset measuring 3.3cm long and 1.6cm wide with an overall weight of less than 6 grams which makes it the smallest and lightest Bluetooth headset available worldwide. It has a tree button control and a protective case which not only acts as protection but is a charger as well bringing you up to 20 hours talk-time and 30 days standby.

Users wear the INVISO G5 using the patented left or right ear soft spring that is said to adapt to the contours of the wearers ear, and allows the use of spectacles with comfort, and is priced at £79.99.

The INVISIO B3 by Netlink offers an entry lever headset which is a lightweight Bluetooth enabled headset that provides in the region of 6 hours talk-time and 170 hours stanby, and holds a price of £29.99.


Source — Pocket-lint

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