LOBSTER 320 PINK with choice of FREE iPod Nano, PSP or Airtime

Now here is a beautiful clam style mobile phone for the ladies; the stunning Lobster 320 in a fashionable feminine pink. The Lobster 320, a flip phone that is extremely easy to use, small enough not to take up much room in a pocket or purse, has a colour screen, and a 3 megapixel camera.

The Lobster 320 Pink has some nice features built in that include; 2 — 3 hours talk time, colour menus and screensavers, downloadable images, downloadable ringtones, 2 games, calculator, calendar, alarm clock, dual-band, measures 82 x 41 x 15mm, and weighs only 70 grams.

You can get the Lobster 320 Pink from Virgin Mobile who are offering several great tariffs, one of which is Virgin – £40 — 18 months, 750 minutes and 750 texts per month, FREE Lobster 320 Pink handset, and a great choice of a FREE iPod Nano, or a slim-line PSP, or £100 credit back.





There is a wide range of other Virgin tariffs to choose from, to view more or to purchase the Lobster 320 Pink please visit Virgin Mobile

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2 thoughts on “LOBSTER 320 PINK with choice of FREE iPod Nano, PSP or Airtime”

  1. Louisa says:

    I had this phone for just over a year on Virgin Pay as you Go. It is not compatible with and downloadable games/ringtones i could find, it has no bluetooth, you can’t add words to the dictionary and it kept freezing and saying “Insert SIM”. I didn’t like it even tho it looked good cos it was really hard to use and if its battery went flat it was screwed up for about a week!

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