Microsoft begins advertising on mobile phones, MSN Mobile in US

Up until now Microsoft has had mobile based advertisements in Europe, the UK and Japan, but for some reason it has held back in the States, however, apparently this will change as of today.Microsoft begins their advertising assault in the US mobile market with pilot ads on US MSN Mobile. Adverts will include the likes of Jaguar, Paramount Picture, and the Bank of America, this advertising in the mobile market ads yet another facet to Microsoft’s multi-prolonged advertising strategy.

This giant of the software world is hoping to pull in big advertising bucks by providing customers with an option of placing adverts in a large range of outlets which means anything from mobile space to Xbox Live service.

In this modern mobility world Microsoft will need to adapt their business model as to accommodate the many changes within the mobile landscape, and mobile advertising is only the beginning.

On a finale note: Microsoft now plan to expand its offerings via MSN Mobile by adding astrology and movie ticket acquiring services.

Source Yahoo News

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