LG Venus on Verizon Wireless decides to go all pink: Oh no

Before we even start this is getting boring, ok a little hasty but come on let us have a nice mobile phone like the LG Venus and dress it all up in pink. Maybe some of you love the colour maybe some of you get bored of the colour but why?

The LG Venus in pink is now official and can be obtained over at Verizon Wireless, the thing is the Venus specs are the same, the handset runs the same which means the only difference is that the mobile phone has got a new colour.

You will have to pay around $199.99 after you mail in a $50 rebate with a huge two-year agreement.

Do you like the new LG Venus in pink? Vote now in the comments area.

LG Venus on Verizon Wireless in pink



15 thoughts on “LG Venus on Verizon Wireless decides to go all pink: Oh no”

  1. i want this phone so bad but im not sure if its bad or good.i was going to get the chocolate blue ice phone but i herd it was really bad and the touch screen doesnt work.

  2. Katrina says:

    i have wanted this phone before christmas i think
    it was(:and i havent got it yet but im about to
    order it.i cant wait
    this phone is like the ultimite thing(:
    first i saw the original plain black venus&i wanted
    it so bad when i first saw it,i was bout to faint(;
    then i walk into bestbuy and there it is right in front
    of my eyes the LG Pink Venus.
    now thats when i about dies.
    its like the most coooolessttt phone EVER!
    when i get it i will never want another phone again.
    i have researced soo much about it(:
    im so excitedddd<3

  3. Miranda says:

    omg omg omg i wanted this phone!!! for a looong looong time… but i cudnt get it.. yet… imma get a new phone in december cuz i lost my other 2 phones.. tehe im so irresponsible. i saw this phone on a commercial and it was all.. ALL i cud talk about!! and then they sed they had it in pink so i got more excited.. but ive been waiting sooo loong and still have to wait .. -.- but i might not get it.. depending on wut my parents say… =(.. i rly wanted this… soo badly… but thts ok.. i gess there r new cool fones like this one…(but this one mite b da best!!) and plus i dont use verizon.. i use t-mobile.. but.. yeahh i no.. i cud still get it.. and my one of my fave colors r pink!!! sum of my stuff r pink! evn my room..

  4. Lily says:

    i am getting this phone for christmas! i am so excited! i am with all of you i love this phone! i can’t wait! i have been doing a count down =] thats how excited i am! so excited!!!! pink is the coolest color ever! when i saw it in the magazine i was like dad this is the phone and if i don’t get it i will die! i was jk about the dieing but i begged them! they were like NO! the whole time but i wrote a persuasive paper on it and they said yes because i did good on the paper. they said i have to keep my grades up and not lose the phone i can have it!! =]

  5. dana says:

    omg!! this phone iss sexyy an i want it but i dont have any moneyy yo an i need this phonee i gatta come upp withh the money…someday i will …some howw; )

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