Do we see the real Sony Ericsson Playstation PSP gaming phone? Video

Ok yes there are denials, talks and gamers wanting to know the truth, but doe this video clip shown below prove that this could be the real Sony Ericsson Playstation PSP gaming phone?

The all new gaming handset from the big boys Sony Ericsson (true or not) will have you thinking even more now after you watch the video, and seeing as the making of the N-Gage was a success (Apparently) you know that they have to give us the PSP mobile phone surely.

Sony already have the highly successful Walkman phones so why not have a successful branded PSP branded phone, so anyway without further ado let us throw in more mayhem with wondering thoughts with the video shown below shall we.

The video really does look authentic with Playstation branded on the phone, so the question is “Is the real deal or is it just a really good graphic designer playing with our minds?


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