Constellation Mixed Metal released by Vertu, a great gift if you’re loaded

If you’re loaded with wads of cash take a gander at the Constellation Mixed Metal by Vertu, Nokia’s luxury section; if not then I wouldn’t bother looking. Vertu has released the newest version of the Constellation, the feature packed Constellation Mixed Metal edition.

So if you fancy some luxury then this edition is constructed in stainless steel with gold for the side buttons, navigation buttons, quarter-turn lock, screws and speaker vents, there’s also a ceramic keypad and black leather back.

Constellation Mixed Metal

This being more of a guy phone Vertu needed a ladies device so they have also announced another Constellation model, made of satin steel with burgundy leather back. Both look extremely high class and stylish, and both will be above them normal every day persons price bracket.

Source — JampBLOG

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