Multi-tasking multi-touch gaming interface, Apple files patent application

Apple has filed a patent application covering a multi-touch gaming interface which allows iPod and iPhone touch users to play mobile games while being able to run a secondary application.


“Techniques for interactive input to portable electronic devices,” is the applications title which outlines how a user can input touch based commands on virtually any touch based device. The underlying technology would determine what application the input is intended for subject on where the touch-input is registered.


This input is directed to the relevant application based on a single or more locations such as region, position, portions, and points or the input area effectively identified when received, for example – when input is entered by a person by touching a particular position on a touch screen.The filing of this patent application is announced prior to Apple’ release of the iPhone SDK, and Apple wish to give mobile gamers greater control over their mobile’s features.

Source — Apple Insider

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