New virtual pet service called Creebies for Nokia N-Gage recently announced

Oh for God’s sake here we go, yet another piece of virtual baby pet fun. Can you remember back in the day when we were given the Tamagotchi? Well behold so more similar mayhem.

IntoMobile have some new news on a new potential in the world of virtual pets business from Nokia and it is Nokia who have announced their new service called Creebies which will hit us early 2008.

The new service or game shall we say will allow each player their very own 3D Creebi which you will have to care for (Go on love it or kill it), you will have to either feed it, entertain it, care for it and even breed it, plus you will be able to customize your Creebi using the virtual cash (Well at least until it has its own appearance and personality. The appearance and personality is all based on the attention you give it.

Nokia want to connect people and that is what they want to do here with this game/service, they want to connect you with a Creebi. You will be able to interact one Creebi with another Creebi via Bluetooth as well.

Do you like this idea, and will you create the ugliest Creebi in the World?

Source – IntoMobile


One thought on “New virtual pet service called Creebies for Nokia N-Gage recently announced”

  1. yqt says:

    whew,,, im waiting for this for so long,,,
    can u tell me where i can get that game?? is it a freeware or need to purchased??

    plis, tell me guys,,,

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