Make light work of shopping with a Nokia concept

The tech guys at Nokia are developing a phone that will hopefully take the hassle out of shopping. This new concept is being developed at Nokia Research Centre Helsinki is supposed to work by snapping an image of the product they wish to purchase on their mobile phone.The “Point and Find” uses special recognition software which will identify a product then order it using its online capabilities while locating the best price available, and then you could have it delivered says Nokia. 

Nokia also state that the same tech could possibly be used by holidaymakers to understand restaurant menus while abroad. According to Nokia users will take a snap of the menu and then use the net to translate, and should be able to translate 9000 Chinese and 600 Japanese words, with other languages being added as time progresses.

This “shoppers” project has been in the works for the last 5 years, however you can expect at least another 3 years before this becomes fact.


Source — Metro.co.uk

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