Motorola Z8 tarted up for Ferrari brand

So you are loaded with dosh, maybe won the lottery and gone out and purchased that brand new ego building Ferrari, so now what you need is a status mobile phone, maybe a Vertu  or something similar, or how about a mobile to match the shiny Ferrari?Motorola are hoping that you would want a matching mobile to go with that new car, so to keep you in their fold they are bringing out a specially branded version of the almost year old Z8. This Z8 will feature Ferrari badging and classic rosso corsa which can be found on most Ferrari works, and is installed with Ferrari media.

It’s still much the same old Motorola Z8 but spiced up a tad with legendary Ferrari logos, not that the Ferrari name will make it perform any better, but it will match that just purchased Ferrari, and should be available in the Ferrari store and Motorola European retail channels sometime in the first quarter of 2008.

Motorola Z8

Motorola Z8

Source — Unwired View

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