Specifications are confirmed for the BlackBerry 9000/9XXX

Much to our advantage, blogosphere has got hold of a few specs on the BlackBerry 9000/9XXX Smartphone. It is speculated that the BlackBerry 9000 will be using US 3G support and with a powerful processor; however the whispers are that it will not have UMTS or even HSDPA.What has been found out is the BlackBerry 9000 will have a 480×320 display along with a full QWERTY keyboard, although at this stage it is unclear as to whether it will be touch-screen or physical.

It will have quad-band GSM/EDGE/GPRS radio and also a 802.11 a/b/g Wifi radio, and Bluetooth will e in there somewhere also. The OS will be bumped up to OS 4.3.2. Boy Genius reckons this is the older brother of the BlackBerry 8320, so we presume the BlackBerry with be similar in measurement.

Lack of 3G may kill this mobile; the iPhone gets by via EDGE-only connection because the combination of UI and CPU makes the most of its lack of 3G. But will the BlackBerry 9000 be in the same playing field in terms of web experience, usability, and straight processing power.

BlackBerry 9000/9XXX

Source — BGR

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