Nokia N82 to be released, 2 color variants, Black and White

Ok so, Maevro, from Howard Forums, the same peeps who began taking preorders for Nokia’s N95 8GB North American Edition confirmed there be a black Nokia N82 and a white one as well. However, there is to be no USA N82 as far as he knows. What has been confirmed is this — N95 8GB with US 3G (taking orders — N82 Black, N82 White. No conformation on N82 8GB or N82 w/ US 3G

Nokia N82

Source — Intomobile

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3 thoughts on “Nokia N82 to be released, 2 color variants, Black and White”

  1. The picture of the phone on the right is actually an N81 not a black N82, although I would love to see a black edition.
    Still waiting for it to be released on more networks than just O2.

  2. Helen Aslan says:

    I have had the Nokia N82 for a few months now ¨fantastic Phone ¨stylish, smooth ….. The Phone Camera produces very clear very good quality pictures…. Reall y pleased with the sharpness and clour the camera produces… its easy to get the WIFI as there are shortcuts…. to access it, and the set up is nicley put togerther for a good knowledge of the phone an dhow it is operated, There are many features with the phone…. Real Player, Video, Mp3… Spoilt for choice…. Anyway !!!! I definatley recommend it …..

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