Sony Ericsson M610i rehash of P1i resurfaces once more

Sony Ericsson’s upcoming M610i mobile is to have the basic features of the p1i with the exception of a camera, the idea being the M610i will be employed by organisations that do not allow the use of camera phones during work time.

However just why Sony Ericsson are taking so long to announce this smartphone is eluding everyone, maybe they are working on adding extra features such as a new interface or even HSDPA support. Who really knows?

But maybe the Mobile World Congress might provide some answers.An update for you — the Sony Ericsson M610i according to some sources may be cancelled altogether even though passing the FCC tests. I wonder id Sony Ericsson will actuall be releasing a statement soon?

Sony Ericsson M610i

Source — JampBLOG

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