HTC Touch Cruise hits stores next week: Price £374.99 no contract

Follow up news on the HTC Touch Cruise! We have given you reviews and news and even a video on this new mobile phone from HTC which you can see all here, but now it seems we finally have a date.

Over at devicewire.co.uk they will be selling the HTC Touch Cruise for £374.99 including VAT and no contract in sight. Now we here at Phones Review know that this will go on sale next week and if we are not mistaken should be around the 18th January.

devicewire.co.uk will be the first to start selling this smartphone in the UK; this is good news because O2 give you long winded contract whereas devicewire.co.uk is selling it without contract.

Just in case you have forgotten my little darlings, the HTC Touch Cruise features a 3 megapixel camera, microSD slot with SDHC support and quad-band GSM / tri-band 3G + HSDPA, GPS, 128Mb RAM, 256Mb ROM with a 240×320 QVGA screen, WiFi, TouchFLO user interface, Windows Mobile 6 Pro and 400Mhz Qualcomm CPU.

If you want to know the exact date then sign up and they will tell you when the HTC Cruise arrives, do not believe us? Then sign up for the HTC Touch Cruise product interest here.

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