Apple iPhone is crippling the mobile gaming industry: best gaming phone of all time wasted

According to Macworld and right off the floor of CES they have brought to our attention something really worth talking about, apparently the Apple iPhone is crippling the mobile gaming industry.

The vice president of EA Mobile’s worldwide studios Travis Boatman said that the Apple iPhone is basically a replacement for someone who has had a RAZR before but they still want their content but there is no distribution platform in place so there’s a negative impact on the industry.”

The thing is we say here at Phones Review that Apple are really sitting on something that’s worth millions; you know a goldmine in terms of games on the iPhone. They have tilt monitor, multitouch, microphone and of course networking capabilities, oh yeah and there is the camera.

What we are saying is the Apple iPhone is a fantastic phone that has all the capabilities of being the best gaming phone of all time, but and a big BUT “Apple” are wasting opportunities and handling things all the wrong way.

If Nintendo had this chance with the iPhone they would have blown us away by now, Apple are being stupid with their SDK and there are no official native games for the Apple iPhone yet. Apple please pull your fingers out of your backside and make it happen, you could make it big time in the world of mobile gaming.


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