Motorola H680 Frost Bluetooth Headset Silver at Carphone Warehouse

Need a Bluetooth headset, well the Motorola H680 Frost Bluetooth Headset in silver may be just what you are looking for. It has a minimalistic design with a vacuum metallisation finish combined with deep matte top finish. The redesigned ear interface will enhance audio performance bringing you clear crisp audio.

The H680’s newly designed interface has been styled on an intensive study to bring you the best in ear comfort with a secure fit. With EasyPair it makes the Motorola H680 Frost Bluetooth headset easy to set up and use and when not in use can be placed into its portable changer.

Motorola H680

·         Range: up to 10 meters

·         Weight: 12 grams.

·         Standby: up to 300 hours

·         Talk-time: up to 9 hours

The Motorola H680 Frost Bluetooth headset is available from the Carphone Warehouse for only £39.99, and if you order now you can take advantage of free delivery.

To view more information or to purchase the Motorola H680 please visit the Carphone Warehouse

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