Worlds dumbest criminal: Mobile phone stolen at gunpoint by gang claim

Police have dubbed a criminal the Worlds dumbest criminal, the man from South Africa’s capital, Pretoria went into a police station and claimed to have had his mobile phone stolen at gunpoint by a gang, but the detective in the station phoned the number of the phone that had apparently been stolen and to the detectives disbelief the phone started to ring in the complainant’s pocket.

You can imagine that this left him speechless for a bit, Eugene Opperman the police spokesman said “the man, 25, was then arrested for perjury”.

The “Dumbest criminal” statement was issued by the police, the complainant said that he had given them the wrong number (Yeah right).

South Africa has a reputation for high levels of crime and sometimes extreme violence involving guns is everyday life.

Please comment below of what you think of this criminal.

Read full story here.

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