Bluetrek SurfaceSound DUO Bluetooth car kit shown at CES 2008: Very cool

One for the car – At the CES 2008 in Las Vegas Bluetrek were showing off a few products, some of the products was a couple of NXT speaker-based units that are sun visor mountable which look pretty good.

The one that stood out had to be the Bluetrek SurfaceSound DUO Bluetooth car kit which we found via Engadget who have many awesome pictures which you can see here. This new car kit has a mini-USB port which is great for docking compatible BlueTrek headsets.

Bluetrek SurfaceSound DUO pic 2

You can also charge them via this device and even listen to your music with its built in speaker, the unique design allows you to pull out your headset and carry on talking to people without being interrupted, and this is basically a Compact Bluetooth, speaker and microphone kit that you will just love.

Not sure on prices or availability so bare with us and will keep you posted.
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