New Apple iPhone Accessories: Belkin loves you

Belkin must really love you Apple iPhone users because they have just announced a brand new line up of products just for your iPhone. Get this scenario for example, you want to listen to music via your iPhone in you car whilst driving along and you know you cannot do it, well now you can baby.

Belkin have some cool products and to answer the scenario above they have announced TuneBase FM and TuneBase Auto which will allow you the user to transmit and stream music from your iPhone or iPods as well to local FM frequency, this now means you can listen to your stuff via your Apple iPhone on your cars entertainment system.

The devices are easy to use and with a simple push of a button they will seek out automatically the best FM frequency to play the music from your iPhone, the TuneBase FM also mounts and powers your iPhone.

TuneBase FM should be out in the stores sometime in April of 2008 for around $99.99; TuneCast Auto on the other hand will sell next month globally for around $79.99.

Belkin do have other products like two brand new Apple iPhone cases which are formed leather with Micro Grip Case and Removable Belt Clip, oh yeah there is also a Sport Armband Plus with FastFit System, the cases are on sale now for $24.99 and $29.99 and the sports armband will release this fall of 2008 and will cost around $29.99.

Source — Belkin Link 1 + Belkin Link 2

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